Top things to do and areas to visit when you’re in Israel


Israel is one of the most beautiful places around the world. It has a nice combination of beaches and hilly region for the visitors. Every year huge amount of visitors throng Israel to experience its diverse culture and rich heritage. Some of the areas that you cannot miss out when you’re in Israel are:

Visiting Jerusalem

This is a holy city for the Jews, Christians and Muslims as well. If you want to experience the culture of Israel and understand its history then you must visit this old city. The Holy Sepulchre Church, Dome of the Rock and Western Wall have great religious significance for the people of this region. There are old styled city markets over here that will give an interesting experience for first time visitors.

Scuba Diving in Red Sea

If you love beaches and have heard about the Coral reef then you must visit Eilat. It has great weather all year round and the crystal clear water is one of the best experience for the beach lovers. Scuba diving and the underwater observatory are two of the most attractive aspects that are worth seeing. Along with that, the coral reef of this region makes it one of the most beautiful areas in the world and you cannot expect to miss out on the Red Sea when you’re in Israel.

Dead Sea

Most of the people are aware of the uniqueness of Dead Sea and none of the travelers miss out on it when they are here. Known to the one of the lowest points in the whole world this Sea is known to be a good place to relax. Along with its beauty, it is also known for its healing properties. The soil and water of Dead Sea are great for the skin and they help in getting rid of any kind of skin problems. You can get in touch of professionals in this region to know more about the healing properties of this sea. Just like you would have contacted expert cleaning company in Elkhart, In, if you were looking for a professional cleaner, you can contact professionals here to know more about the Dead Sea.

Tel Aviv

Whether it is the Carmel market, beach or the night life, the city of Tel Aviv provides you enough options to enjoy yourself. The sandy beaches in Tel Aviv have a great ambience and it is known to be one of the best spots to experience the sunset. The beach is just meters away and the city is present in the lap of the Mediterranean Sea. There are some of the best cafes providing excellent food over here. You can also enjoy shopping around Carmel markets of this city by visiting different stalls placed on the streets. This city is also famous for its night life, there are some great bars, clubs, dance centers and even theaters that are open all night and visitors can go there whenever they want. The food is just amazing over here, so make sure you enjoy the local cuisine when you’re in this city.

Current economic and political condition in Israel

Despite its diverse culture Israel is known to be a very stable country in the Middle East. There is a split between the European decedents and the Jews of this region. There have been some important political shifts in this region and the liberal policies developed in Israel have helped it grow stronger. Some of the important aspects of situation in Israel are:

Regional security: Security has always been one of the biggest factors in Israel and the government has some strong actions to keep the citizens safe. The Arab Spring that started in the year 2011 has threatened to destroy the stability of the country. The country fought back hard and it received strong support from its major allies that includes Jordan and Egypt. Other states in the Middle East do not have good relations with Israel and this continues to threaten the country.

Liberal economy: Israel has moved ahead and changed huge amount of policies to improve the condition of its economy. The leftist rule has ended years ago and today the country follows the policies of right-wing populist parties. In a way this has also helped Israel invest in the correct areas and make its defense mechanism much stronger.

Stable policies: Recently the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came up with some improved budgetary and defense policies that helped the country in developing fast. The Prime Minister was backed by all the secular voters to bring stability in this region and bring strong decision in the country. Though it has been tough in meeting the diverse global trends, Israel has managed to come up strongly in the economic front.

Palestine Conflict: This has been one of the biggest concerns for Israel for a long time now. The fight with the Hamas group in the Gaza Strip has hurt the country to a large extent. The country has taken some really strong steps to keep its borders secure but there is still more work to be done.


Four things you should know before visiting Israel

For most of the visitors Israel is a land that is situated between Mediterranean Sea and Jordan River. There is more to Israel than what you might have thought about. It is a religious, fascinating and one of the most inspiring lands in the world. Some of the points that you should know before you visit this region are:

The beaches around: Hemmed by sea, Israel has huge amount of beach activities going around. The beaches make it a popular travel destination and there are huge amount of people visiting the country every year. The stunning cliffs situated around the Mediterranean Sea make Rosh HaNikra one of the most beautiful places in the Middle East.

Security barrier: The security barrier developed on the East Jerusalem is simply fascinating. This barrier was mainly developed by the authorities to keep the suicide bombers away. Found in the city of Bethlehem this barrier is around 26 feet tall and includes patrol roads, gates, barricades and barbed wires. It is known to be an attractive part of Israel’s military control and the travelers can get a glimpse of Israel’s strong presence in the region.

Desert: The southern third area of the Israel has scorching desert that will be loved by the Eco-travelers. The town of Naqab and Negev provide enough opportunity to get a glimpse of beautiful deserts of Israel. The hippy tours of the Negev are famous among huge amount of travelers around the world. One should not miss out on the Bedouin Hospitality once he visits this region.

Religious town of Jerusalem: This is a must visit as it has huge amount of ancient remains that speak about the history of Israel. The Jews pray in near the Western Wall and it is the last structure that remains in the Jewish Temple.


All you need to know about Israel

Located on the southeastern side of Mediterranean Sea, Israel is one of the most beautiful countries in the Middle East. The country borders its land with Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. It is the home to most of the Jewish population in the world and after its independence in the year 1948 it was named “State of Israel.”

Israel has had an interesting history that involves different crusaders and various asylum seekers from different parts of the world. In modern times Israel has had a good economic development and the number of skilled workforce has increased drastically. The languages spoken in this country includes Arabic and Hebrew. Some of the popular points about Israel are:

The coastal areas: This region has had some of the most famous coastal areas around the world. Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea and the Dead Sea are some of the famous coastal areas of Israel. It gives enough opportunities to the nation both from economic perspective and tourism perspective. Nahariya is known to be the coastal city of Israel and Netanya is one of the biggest seaside resorts in this region.

Climate and Temperature: The average temperature during summer ranges from 18 to 32 degrees. During winters the temperature falls as low as 8 degrees. Israel has a typical coastal climate and it can get really humid during hot weather conditions. The Dead Sea located in the region is located in 200 meters below sea level and it is known to be the lowest place on earth. The region has moderate rainfall that is accompanied by some cyclonic depression.

Israel has been a popular nation that has developed drastically both economically and improved defense tactics. It is a holy place for Jewish and Christians that has gone through various ethnic changes since its independence.