All you need to know about Israel

Located on the southeastern side of Mediterranean Sea, Israel is one of the most beautiful countries in the Middle East. The country borders its land with Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. It is the home to most of the Jewish population in the world and after its independence in the year 1948 it was named “State of Israel.”

Israel has had an interesting history that involves different crusaders and various asylum seekers from different parts of the world. In modern times Israel has had a good economic development and the number of skilled workforce has increased drastically. The languages spoken in this country includes Arabic and Hebrew. Some of the popular points about Israel are:

The coastal areas: This region has had some of the most famous coastal areas around the world. Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea and the Dead Sea are some of the famous coastal areas of Israel. It gives enough opportunities to the nation both from economic perspective and tourism perspective. Nahariya is known to be the coastal city of Israel and Netanya is one of the biggest seaside resorts in this region.

Climate and Temperature: The average temperature during summer ranges from 18 to 32 degrees. During winters the temperature falls as low as 8 degrees. Israel has a typical coastal climate and it can get really humid during hot weather conditions. The Dead Sea located in the region is located in 200 meters below sea level and it is known to be the lowest place on earth. The region has moderate rainfall that is accompanied by some cyclonic depression.

Israel has been a popular nation that has developed drastically both economically and improved defense tactics. It is a holy place for Jewish and Christians that has gone through various ethnic changes since its independence.


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