Current economic and political condition in Israel

Despite its diverse culture Israel is known to be a very stable country in the Middle East. There is a split between the European decedents and the Jews of this region. There have been some important political shifts in this region and the liberal policies developed in Israel have helped it grow stronger. Some of the important aspects of situation in Israel are:

Regional security: Security has always been one of the biggest factors in Israel and the government has some strong actions to keep the citizens safe. The Arab Spring that started in the year 2011 has threatened to destroy the stability of the country. The country fought back hard and it received strong support from its major allies that includes Jordan and Egypt. Other states in the Middle East do not have good relations with Israel and this continues to threaten the country.

Liberal economy: Israel has moved ahead and changed huge amount of policies to improve the condition of its economy. The leftist rule has ended years ago and today the country follows the policies of right-wing populist parties. In a way this has also helped Israel invest in the correct areas and make its defense mechanism much stronger.

Stable policies: Recently the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came up with some improved budgetary and defense policies that helped the country in developing fast. The Prime Minister was backed by all the secular voters to bring stability in this region and bring strong decision in the country. Though it has been tough in meeting the diverse global trends, Israel has managed to come up strongly in the economic front.

Palestine Conflict: This has been one of the biggest concerns for Israel for a long time now. The fight with the Hamas group in the Gaza Strip has hurt the country to a large extent. The country has taken some really strong steps to keep its borders secure but there is still more work to be done.


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