Four things you should know before visiting Israel

For most of the visitors Israel is a land that is situated between Mediterranean Sea and Jordan River. There is more to Israel than what you might have thought about. It is a religious, fascinating and one of the most inspiring lands in the world. Some of the points that you should know before you visit this region are:

The beaches around: Hemmed by sea, Israel has huge amount of beach activities going around. The beaches make it a popular travel destination and there are huge amount of people visiting the country every year. The stunning cliffs situated around the Mediterranean Sea make Rosh HaNikra one of the most beautiful places in the Middle East.

Security barrier: The security barrier developed on the East Jerusalem is simply fascinating. This barrier was mainly developed by the authorities to keep the suicide bombers away. Found in the city of Bethlehem this barrier is around 26 feet tall and includes patrol roads, gates, barricades and barbed wires. It is known to be an attractive part of Israel’s military control and the travelers can get a glimpse of Israel’s strong presence in the region.

Desert: The southern third area of the Israel has scorching desert that will be loved by the Eco-travelers. The town of Naqab and Negev provide enough opportunity to get a glimpse of beautiful deserts of Israel. The hippy tours of the Negev are famous among huge amount of travelers around the world. One should not miss out on the Bedouin Hospitality once he visits this region.

Religious town of Jerusalem: This is a must visit as it has huge amount of ancient remains that speak about the history of Israel. The Jews pray in near the Western Wall and it is the last structure that remains in the Jewish Temple.


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